Fiesta Friday - Halloween Fiestas

Tomorrow is Halloween, so today we'll celebrate with some inspiring parties, decor and treats from around the Web...
Halloween Sweet and Saucy cupcake

A finger-lickin' good cupcake from My Sweet and Saucy.

Halloween Kara's Party Ideas

Kara's Party Ideas' chic Halloween dinner.

Eddie Ross black candy buffet

Eddie Ross black doilies

A inspiring candy buffet and cocktail party in black, both from Eddie Ross.

FrankenmellowsI could plan a Monster Mash around these Frankenmellows from Flickr user Matthew Harris.

Halloween Fantasy Celebrations

A Halloween affair from Fantasy Celebrations (photo via HWTM)

Halloween Party Box

I love these candy jars from Party Box Designs...large vases are so versatile.

Halloween Pirate Party

Even though this is a Pirate birthday party, it still makes a perfect Halloween theme.

Ecostore Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is .... jeffsgal212...please email me so I can give them your info to claim your prize! Congrats and thanks for playing!

BCA Wednesday - Fight With Style

Style Network Fight With Style

Partnered with City Of Hope, check out Style Network's Fight With Style, chockful of informative goodies like how to make a tender-loving-cancer-care (TLCC) kit for the woman in your life fighting breast cancer and a breast health checklist. And did you know there is a new way to do your self breast-exam? I certainly did not, and I have just justified the many wasted hours sitting here in front of my computer.

Tuesday Tutorial - Monster Eyeball Cookies/Monster Slime/Monster Treats


It's a monster of a post today! Remember Friday's Monster Mash Bash? I'm sharing how I made the eyeball cookies; and I received a few emails asking about our Monster Slime, so I'll throw that in too! What's great about all today's projects, they are super-easy to do, especially for last-minute treats and activities.

We'll kick off with last-minute cuteness for classroom parties. We can't bring homemade goods to school, so I (in my mind!!!) am always pressed for something unique to bring in. A sale over the weekend on on FrankenBerry and BooBerry cereal was too good to resist. A stash of cello bags and Halloween scrapbook paper has brought forth special treats for our parties this week....

FrankenBerry treat bags
Eyeball Cookies
1 can of store-bought vanilla frosting
your favorite sugar cookie dough (mine was a store-bought kit that makes 15)
green icing color or food coloring (optional; you can have white eyeballs)
Life Savers Gummies - Wild Berries
mini chocolate chips
red writing icing
cooling rack
wax paper

unfrosted Monster Eyeball cookies1. Roll cookie dough into balls about the size of ping-pong balls. My recipe had the baking temp down to 325 for 18-24 minutes; the lower temp is needed to keep the cookies from flattening out, and tweak the baking time accordingly.

frosting Monster Eyeball Cookies2. Lay a sheet of wax paper under cooling rack to catch your frosting; once your cookies are cool, melt frosting in the microwave for 25-40 seconds until it is the consistency of heavy cream and flows easily over cookies. I used a microwave-safe glass measuring cup to make life easier.

3. Let frosting cool, about 10-15 minutes and remove cookies with a spatula.

Monster Eyeball cookies4. Using the red icing, start from the center of the cookie (so there is enough frosting to keep the candy on) to draw your veins, add a mini chocolate chip to the Life Saver and add to cookie.

Monster Slime
Monster Slime ingredientsNote - I like to make a big bottle of the borax solution and keep it in the fridge so we are ready for slime anytime! Borax can be found in the laundry department of your favorite grocery or box store.

The ratio is one tablespoon of borax per cup of water. Mix well until almost all the borax is dissolved. It's a tricky bugger, with a few flakes left on the bottom, since unless you have like all day to shake it up, there is always a little borax that doesn't dissolve.

Oh yeah, wash your hands before and after playing with slime and in a Ziploc bag in the fridge, it will keep forever. And oh yeah, this is NOT edible.

This recipe makes 1 individual batch of slime
1/4 cup white glue
1/4 cup water
concentrated liquid watercolor (found mine at Michael's, but I think food coloring would work too)
Popsicle stick
Monster Slime glue/water1. Mix glue and water.

Monster Slime glue/water/color2. Add a few drops of color into the glue solution and mix well.

Monster Slime solution3. Slowly add your borax solution while stirring until you get a nice gelatinous mass.

Monster Slime 24. Here's the best part - reach in and pull the mass out and start kneading and squeezing it like bread dough. In a few moments you will have a nice blob that looks like play dough, but will be nice and oozy when you stop playing with it.

finished Monster SlimeTrust me, you will love it!
Entertain Exchange

Free Halloween Downloads

Down to the Halloween party wire? Check out these free downloads....

Pumpkin Petunia Halloween download...Pumpkin Petunia's download has cupcake toppers, note sheets and treat bag stickers....

Accent The Party Halloween download...Accent The Party also has cupcake toppers and matching napkin holders....

Babalisme Halloween download...Babalisme's has a Halloweenie dress-up for boys and girls...

Olie Bollen Halloween download...Oliebollen has an iron-on decal to dress up a t-shirt or treat bag...

Phyllis Hoffman Celebrates Halloween download...Phyllis Hoffman Celebrates has masks for yourself or your pumpkin....

In Good Company Halloween download...In Good Company has blood type labels.

Drink Of The Week - Halloween Drink Garnishes

Today's D.O.W. isn't a drink recipe, instead, we'll take a peek at some fab ways to make even an ordinary drink supremely divine.

Halloween garnish ideasUse strawberry or raspberry puree to add streams of "blood" down the sides of the glass for light hued drinks or drizzles of blood-red grenadine down the sides of the glass for milk-based drinks. Irish cream curdles as a reaction to this lime-based beverage, creating realistic strands of "brain." Don't let the simplicity of gummy worms fool you; floating in a foamy drink, they are a Halloween classic.

Halloween fruit garnishes
Head to the produce section for these creations! A spooky clementine pumpkin is a little labor-intensive but worth the effect. Go batty for these garnishes, but don't serve to your vegan friends. I heart the bedeviled skewer...slipping in the nutrition and coolness factor is perfect. Bug your guests with this maraschino cherry and lime creation.

Need more inspiration? Check out my post with a link to a fab broomstick tutorial; last year's post is chock full of ghastly garnish gems.

Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Monster Mash Bash

Monster Mash Bash pennantSo, last year's Mad Scientist's Lab Halloween party was a bit much, so I've decided to alternate my holiday parties, so this year small Halloween party, big Christmas party. I fell in love with Target's Monster Mash line, so I let that be my inspiration.

Monster Mash Bash room
monster mash Bash centerpiece

Tuesday Tip (On A Thursday) - Giveaway Love

Ecostore giveawayOK, maybe you all didn't see my giveaway on Tuesday? $25 worth of free stuff? Hello? Anyone?

And here are a few more to spur you into the "I Wanna Win Free Stuff Mode"

Beau-Coup favor giveawayHalf-Baked is hosting a $75 Beau-Coup favor giveaway; I heart all their stuff!

Oh Baby! is giving away a $30 Michael's gift card (thanks Chris @ Celebrations at Home for the the heads up!)....

Rose's Heavenly Cakes giveawayCupcakes Take The Cake is giving away two copies of Rose's Heavenly Cakes full of fabulous cakes, cupcakes, the works and are teaming up with Reynolds for a pack of Halloween baking foils and cups!

Fancy Fortune Cookie giveawayA giant fortune cookie from Fancy Fortune Cookie is just what you need, right? Go over to The Bewitchin' Kitchen and check them out.

Halloween DIY giveawayFor those of you handy with a sewing machine, win a $50 bundle of Halloween e-book downloads full of every DIY Halloween project possible over at Designs by Vanessa.

Enter for a chance to a $2000 modern nursery from 2Modern.

BCA Wednesday - Think Pink Crafts

Looking for some crafty ways to raise awareness for fundraisers, pink parties, or just a way to show your support? Here are some great ideas to help save the ta-tas.

Breast Cancer painted pumpkinLet your pumpkins do the talking - these would make a great gift, auction items or a clever display idea at a Relay for Life-type walk to raise awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness pink cookies in a jarInspired treat jars from Bakerella make perfect gifts that even kids can help create.

Breast Cancer Awareness pillow and cap craftTurn a pillowcase into a shower cap and makeup bag over at SewDelish.

Breast Cancer Awareness purse collageAnd the ultimate trick to remembering to check your boobies? Every time you go into your bra or pink halter purse.

And remember my post last week on Conkerr Cancer? Here are we are with our proud creation; we each decorated a square of material, chose the pillow's prints, and since I can't sew, someone else put it together. We hope it will bring a smile or two, you can never have too many!Conkerr Cancer pillowcases at museum

Tuesday Tip - Ecostore Giveaway!

ecostore lemongrass and laundry soapTime again for another fabulous giveaway, courtesy of Ecostore. Their tagline is 'No Nasty Chemicals'; all of their products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals and are environmentally safe solutions that also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

They sent me the laundry liquid and lemongrass soap to try, and I am hooked. Super concentrated, the laundry liquid leaves the scent of eucalyptus in the air, but isn't overpowering on your clothes. With a family of sensitive skin, this is perfect since it is formulated for sensitive skin. The lemongrass soap is just for me, and it gentle on the skin and smells like heaven. Even the packaging products are eco friendly, down to the packing peanuts that are made of soy.

And now it is your turn to see what I mean, by winning a $25 gift certificate to Ecostore!

How To Enter
1. Check out their site and visit the Ecostore blog to sign up for their No Nasty Chemicals newsletter and come back here and comment that you did.

Additional Entries (optional)
2. Follow Ecostore on Twitter and leave a comment here when you do
3. Follow Ecostore on Facebook and leave a comment here when you do
4. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog and leave the link in a comment
5. Become a follower of my blog or if you already follow leave a comment that you are

Giveaway ends next Tuesday, October 26th at 11:59 p.m. with a winner chosen by and contacted by email sometime on Wednesday October 27th. Plus, I will also announce the winner here.

Tuesday Tip - Personally You Parties Giveaway/Cupcake Contest

Personally You Parties packageFellow fab party planning blogger Lisa over at Personally You Parties is partying it up with her first blogoversary and is celebrating with a mini party package giveaway and...she may even throw in some chocolate! Mmmm...chocolate. Contest ends next Sunday the 25th, so skedaddle over.

Parents November 2009 cupcakesAnd speaking of yummy, the November Parents magazine has the perfect cupcake article, with lots of creative and fun tips to make your treats smile-worthy at your next bash perfect. How in love am I with the cereal straw/gumdrop candle? They even have a gluten-free cupcake recipe, and a page full of easy ways to make your cupcakes even more special with liners, glitter flakes and fun picks. And check out their Kids' Cupcake Contest starting November 1 through December 30 to enter your creation, and the winner will be featured in a future issue!

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Meet & Greet

So this weekend, the boy got to meet the author of his (current) all-time favorite book series, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Last Monday saw the release of the latest, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Dog Days, and Jeff Kinney was signing books at the University of Washington Seattle bookstore.

He schlepped all his books there, and had them all signed and thought it was cool. His mother, on the other hand, had been super-excited about it, and showed WAY more enthusiasm than needed, despite the fact she grows tired of hearing about the books.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book signing
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book signing 2You know how you have a visual of how you imagined someone to look, and then you meet them and you are thinking "You don't look anything like I thought you would"? Bingo.

Drink Of The Week - Spider's Kiss

Spider's KissIt may be a zombie-green but don't think the Spider’s Kiss is slow, it packs a punch!

1 part Midori Melon liqueur
1 part vodka
lemon juice
chocolate syrup
1 orange slice
Grenadine (optional)

1. Use the syrup to draw a chocolate web in a martini glass. Place in freezer and chill for a ghostly effect.

2. Shake all ingredients and strain into glass. For a blood effect, drizzle grenadine down the side of the glass. Garnish with a chocolate dipped orange slice.

Fiesta Friday - Along Came a Spider

With Halloween fast approaching, here are a few more great ideas to get your spook on...especially with today's theme. With arachnophobia being one of the most common phobias, it makes a perfect fright-fest setup.
spider decorBHG never disappoints - An old umbrella is transformed into a haunting light fixture. Rubber spiders, acorns and dried citrus fruit make up this unique swag; black ribbon and yarn are all it takes to add shadowy webs to your front windows and the monstrous spiders are easily crafted from foam balls.
spider table decorDress up a side table with creepy coasters and a spiderweb lampshade.
spider treatsNot Martha tries out different options for spider cakes made from snack cakes, complete with Pocky legs. These tarantula treats will be the talk of your party. Perfect for a party or an anytime treat - spider pizzas. For a more adult party, these spider toothpicks are perfect for little nibbles.
spider craftsWith some yarn and a little cleverness, little hands will love making this laced spider web or a spooky window web.

And check back for Sunday's D.O.W. for a deadly concoction!
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