The Celebration Shoppe

I've been a big fan of The Celebration Shoppe for some time now. I don't know why, but sometimes I tend to get a little selfish about sharing some of my favorite blog hangouts, because then EVERYONE will know them. It's like that special hangout spot you don't tell your friends about because it's just yours and you don't want them showing up. But sometimes the cleverness is just too much and I have to share.

Her blog is chockful of great party tips and ideas, but it is her party shop where all of the magic happens...Celebration Shoppe Train packCelebration Shoppe princess packCelebration Shoppe I DoHer latest creation...hint, hint, come back for tomorrow's Tuesday Tip and get your own free slice of dinosaur heaven.Celebration Shoppe Dino packAnd look what they are working on and coming soon to their shoppe...Celebration Shoppe Pea In A PodGosh, I wish one of my friends would hurry up and get pregnant already, multiples would be perfect.

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