Super Bowl Treats

There are a plethora of party days coming up; Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day fall on the same day this year, not to mention the Super Bowl February 7.

So time to dive in because there are lots of great ideas out there to make your next party a smash. We'll chronologically start the party train this week to the Super Bowl.Super Bowl Party buffet ideas
Today is all about the doesn't have to be just pizza, chips and beer. Everyone can appreciate a little fun with the classics. If you are looking for a one-stop shop, check out the plethora of ideas at Martha's.

When I look at all*you's Super Bowl buffet, I can feel my arteries slamming least Real Simple's spread includes a sports-bar favorite that's a little more refined and healthier: a spec-tater potato bar with a variety of toppings like chopped red onion and low-fat sour cream. Somehow, it just sounds healthier. Take a gander at their of Super Bowl Beers for a selection of beers that reflect the names, the mascots, or the hometowns of the competing teams.Super Bowl Party treats

Top off your event with some play-inspiring treats. See it wiggle, see the Jell-O Helmets jiggle. Especially if they have vodka in them.

Have the skills for this stadium cake?

Have fun personalizing the cookies on this Super Bowl cake with team colors.

FamilyFun's football-player cookies will make guests want to be eligible receivers of these treats.

all*you's team cupcakes are a cinch to make with soft candies and pretzels.

Come back for tomorrow's Fiesta Friday for more ways to girl up your Super Bowl party.

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