Tuesday Tip - Treasures For Tots Giveaway/Valentine's Day Stuff

Treasures for Tots giveawayToday is all about fun goodies for Valentine's Day. First up: my current obsession with felt brought me to a wonderful website, Treasures For Tots, chockful of great and easy craft ideas and great tutorials. In fact, she is hosting a giveaway for two sets (12/set) of handmade pink and red felt Valentine Fortune Cookies along with cute Valentine take-out boxes to hold the cookies!

You know you are still looking for something for your sweetie that does not involve chocolate. Who needs to wreck their resolutions so early on?

Speaking of valentines, this is what we are working on for our own....iPod Valentines

For some reason, after the holiday I buy the boxed sets for super cheap saying 'aha, I'm set for next year. I'm going to tone the craziness down and not make them'. And then I see some awesome ideas and get sucked in. Now I have a tub full of valentines that I will probably never use.

I've been dying to make these Valentine iPods from last year. They have passed the 'coolness' test from my 3rd grader, so those are for his class. I figured the red, pink and yellow for the girls and orange, green and blue for the boys. For some reason, they STILL make a big deal over colors.Fruit/Sundae Valentine Collage

The little one was going to send these fruit tags. I keep talking about them, I love them so; I was even going to go in a take a survey of everyone's favorite fruit. But then I saw these free treat bag downloads from Celebration Shoppe, and coupled with Play-Doh, a cutter and 2 pieces of candy, are just too cute to pass up.Valentine's Day treat bag downloads I was a bit tired last night finishing the iPods, and printing and cutting out toppers, so I'll share them next week.

And speaking of freebies, check these out over at Twig & Thistle...brownie and goodie bag templates that you just print right onto the bags! I know, your head is spinning with the possibilities right?

Need more creative cuteness? How much am I looking for the dessert glasses to make these candy sundaes for our teachers? JesseKate Designs has a great tutorial for them. I may have to make a *gulp* Wal-mart run.

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