Tuesday Trend - Button? Button? Who Has The Button?

Martha button collageBefore I launch into today's neural firings, I wanted to send some blog love out into the blogosphere. However, I can't pick my top ten, they are all so fabulous and inspiring; that would be like asking me to tell you which of my children I love more or which pair of my favorite boots to destroy.

Instead, I will direct your eyes to my blogroll list, because I visit all of them at some point every week (which explains the death of my house), and all the blogs I follow. Sorry, sue me, I'm not choosing and you can't make me.

OK, back on track. So apparently I'm a bit behind on the technology times; I don't have Apple products beginning with an 'i', I don't Twitter, I have a Facebook account but I'm barely on it, and I don't have a blog button. Until now. Thanks to Oikology 101's super simple and easy tutorial I have dragged my blog a little more into the 21st century. See it lost in the madness of my left column? Yeah, I know. So in honor, today's trend is what else...buttons!

Stem Parties' button baby shower is so stinking adorable I could eat the cuteness, and it's chewy!

Oh Martha...how I wish to sit at your feet. Check out her button cookies geared for Christmas, but who says they have to be?

She also has a great way to recycle all those poor buttons lying around in your sewing kit...make them stamps, turn them into bracelets, or a clock.
button party collageAnother spoonful of yummy are these felt flowers, perfect accents for girly birthday parties and showers!

How cute are these cupcakes with fondant buttons?

You must go check out this whimsical wedding with the many creative ways they incorporated the theme, down to the button mums.

Country Living's curtain tie-backs and napkin rings are a wonderful addition to your home decor.

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