Tuesday Tutorial - Felt Owl

felt owl setWhile brainstorming some night-owl ideas for a upcoming slumber party, I stumbled across a Martha gallery of craft winners featuring these miniature felt owls. No directions, no clue. A little more digging brought me to Charlotte's Fancy's site, and armed with a little more direction, I was obsessed with making my own owls.

The catch is, there are no existing templates for all the pieces. I had to stretch the creative muscle a bit and after a bit of trial and error made my own but I can at least share the length estimates. Since Valentine's Day is coming up I thought pink owls would be perfect!

4" styrofoam ball
24 mm google eyes
4 9"X12" pieces of felt (3 in your choice of colors and one in brown for beak and ears)
glue gun
tacky glue (I use Aleene's)
nickle (for stabalizing) felt owl suppliesOne owl's face is made of two layers; the larger layer measures 4" X 3", the smaller is 3 1/2" X 2 1/4". The feather measures at 2 1/4" long. The head covering is a cone, cut from a corner of the felt, sides measuring 4" and I made the curve came from a small plate.felt owl feathersUsing my templates, I cut out feathers in tan and hot pink, and working from the bottom up, glue them on in staggered layers almost to the top. coveringMake the layers for the owl's face, head covering and cut a feather out of brown for the beak.covering owl body with felt feathers 2owl head piecesGlue the pieces together, but don't round the corners off the cone of the head covering yet, that comes later.felt owl headpieceThe ears are triangles about the size of the feathers. Hot-glue the corners together to create a pinch. felt owl earsOk, now the fun comes in. You'll have to hot-glue the ears on the head first before you layer on the owl's face, but only after you figure out the placement where everything will go. This includes rounding out the corners of the cone. Once you're sure where you want everything, a few dabs of hot glue will work. I hot-glued a nickle underneath because the owl keeps rolling.finished felt owlFor the second owl, the beak, ears and feathers are the same. There are two sets of eye patches, the larger circle is 2" and the smaller is 1 5/8".owl feathers cut outSince this owl doesn't have a head covering, you'll need to cover up the whole owl in feathers; assemble his eyes and then play around with the placement of his eyes and beak, because that will determine where his ears go. Hot-glue those on first with a little pinch on them so they don't lie flat.felt owl 2 eyesfelt owl 2 topHot-glue on his beak, then the eyes and you're set!felt owl 2 sidefelt owl 2 frontYou will definately see a few at future parties, he's actually easy to make once you get the templates figured out. As you can see, I also made a white one since the boy is all about Harry Potter and wanted a snow owl of his own. white felt owlIf you want to plan a party around your new creation, check out my previous post for throwing a hootenanny!

The winner of the Martha Stewart contest and original inspiration for these felt owls is Kangaroopals; she has an Etsy shop full of these cute critters, for those of you who want your own and not have to sit there and cut out oodles of feathers!
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