We Go Wednesday - The ID

Seattle IDIf your town/area has an international district/Chinatown/Little Italy, etc. you are a lucky person. They are the best places to find bulk party supply items for an Asian themed party...hint, hint Chinese New Year is coming up! Seattle has the ID (Chinatown/International District) and I LOVE going there.

My favorite place is the Uwajimaya market which sells EVERYTHING Asian. Need take-out boxes in bulk? Check. A Hello Kitty! fanatic? Lots of it. Anime in the native tongue? The bookstore is bursting at the seams. I'm coveting the paper wooden umbrellas that are a fave at weddings; you've seen them opened and hanging from the ceilings, and heaven help me if I don't figure out a way to decorate some kind of gathering with them.

They have a ridiculous amount of origami paper, slippers, gold-covered knicknacks, bamboo steamers and woks of every size. And speaking of bamboo steamers, wouldn't they make an awesome gift holder? Martha even uses it as a pie carrier? I get lost there. Sadly, my family does not share my excitement and spent their time running around outside watching the street performers. We are hoping to make it out there for Chinese New Year this year, it is going to be amazing!

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