We Go Wednesday - Seattle Mist

This is my sister-in-law Katie...She is also Katie "Slash" Ryckman, #8 of the number 5 ranked Seattle Mist, MVP in this past New Year's game against the number 1 ranked Dallas Desire. Now, I've never heard of the Lingerie Football League 'True Fantasy Football', much less that we had a team. I went to my first game New Year's, and of course there was a group of women standing out in the rain with posters protesting. Of course there were a ton of horndogs standing in line, clutching their calendars for the after-game signings. Of course the ratio of men to women was like 100-1 and a billion camera phones out, and beer flowing like water. You are wondering, why do women have to be in lingerie to play football? How can they be taken seriously, they are wearing garters for pete's sake?

But this is no powder-puff football. They were lighting each other up, and one Mist had to be carried off the field and came back in a full leg brace. These ladies are here to play. Although half-bare bodies on turf looks EXTREMELY painful (I'm surprised I couldn't see the burns from our seats), they were whopping ass and taking numbers and it was awesome!

So, my dear readers, if you live near a LFL team, support them. Yeah, you may feel they are setting the feminist clock back to zero, but isn't freedom of choice really what the movment is about? Hotness only goes so far. And that's not bias talking. They could kick my ass. Literally. Go Katie!

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