Fiesta Friday (On A Thursday) - Fiesta Inspirations #3

If you haven't heard, I'm a fan of unique party themes. When you're on the party circuit as I am, you have to keep outdoing yourself. It's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it! I mean, (see sidebar) Trailer Park Pride, 'Stache Bashes, and Ugly Sweater parties don't fall out of the sky you know.

I had to share some of the most clever themes I've seen in awhile! I love it when a passion translates into an amazing party!

Blue shoe showerA bridal shower inspired by the bride's wedding shoes...hey they inspired J.Lo to write a song. Need those straws? Psst...they have them at Garnish. Must. get. some. soon.
popcorn partyA drive-in inspired soiree who's main attraction is popcorn and the painting of.
Parenting Backward partyHost a backward party where balloons hang upside down, guests eat on the floor and party games are played backwards - "Pin The Donkey On The Tail".
subway themed partyHow much fun would it have been to attend The Indigo Bunting's subway party? Ah...I can just smell the subway.
Martha Stewart wacky partyMartha's Wacky party has guests wearing silly wigs and mustaches and eating not-food treats. Check out my post for some other wacky food ideas.
Dexter inspired cupcakesAwesomely inspired cupcakes for a Dexter season premier party...and here's a party to go with them.
Pink GNO tableJamee always knows how to set the mood; aren't her giant lipsticks and perfume drink bottles AWESOME???? Sure hope she shares where she found everything...they are a must have especially for Sex And The City 2 party. Hmm....
The Bachelorette cupcakesI don't watch the show, but Entertaing Life's The Bachelorette party sure inspires me to see what the fuss is about! Love all the details, from the potential suitor cupcake toppers to the hot dog stand, the show's running theme.
One Charming Party American Girl partyCheck out this American Girl party from One Charming Party; authentic touches included activities like bread and jam-making! One Charming Party Raggedy Ann partyAlso there, check out some more doll love with their Raggedy Ann party; I could just die over the bright colors and details...pause, because I just channeled Rachel Zoe, and I need a moment...

Check out more unique theme parties in Fiesta Inspirations #1 and #2.

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