Fiesta Friday (On A Tuesday) - Let The Games Begin

Olympic tailgate party Kelley MooreIsn't February just jam-packed with great party inspiration this year? The Winter Olympics start the 12th...and I wait with baited breath. I LOVE me some ice-skating and although I can't tell you who is going, I am a fan of the precision and detail.

I just had to share a fabulous article by our own local, Kelley Moore, for a Olympic Tailgate Party she hosted recently. From the lanyard invites to the biography coasters, I love all her so down-to-earth DIY party ideas.

Now remember, your party doesn't have to scream 'Olympics'; a few touches here and there will definitely set the mood. All the fake snow and snowflakes you put away from Christmas make great decor elements amidst colored streamers or paper chains.

The five ring colors are your guide...mix and match the colors for paper cups, plates, napkins and servingware. Plum Party's cups are shatterproof and since you won't be able to use them again, send them home as a party favor.Winter Olympics party decor

How about serving hero sandwiches and Olympic rings fruit pizza? Or make your guests feel like athletes with fruit and granola bars. Offer Gatorade and water in personalized bottles, or set up a power smoothie bar; create several signature smoothies or let guests choose between various fruits, yogurt and fruit juices for their own creations.

Here's another great idea for a centerpiece; sprinkle snow around candles and flags for a 'torch lighting' ceremony; I know, the backpacks are over the top for most parties, but I love the idea of such a personalized favor!

Come back for Sunday's D.O.W. for a few winning cocktails to set the mood! And you may be able to glean a few ideas from my summer Olympics post.

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