Fiesta Friday - Rainbow Bright

new Rainbow BriteDid you know they are revamping Rainbow Brite? Back in the day, I had the full tricked out room...curtains, ruffles, bedspread, the works. I watched the show obsessively. I knew the song, all the characters, I even wished to wake up one morning blond with a star-shaped mole on my cheek.

So I'm not sure how I feel about the new look...must they put their hands on everything? I mean, without the widow's peak, and her head and hair 1/3 the size of her body, is it still her? I get Transformers...we have the technology to make it look cooler than the cartoon. Please, please, do Voltron! When they did the live action of He-Man years ago, it was cheesy, but I still watched it.

But why Rainbow Brite???? These dolls are a skirt-hike away from being Bratz. Does anyone like the 'new' look? And I mean those of you who watched it originally, not as some Nick At Night retro flashback special. Jeez...could they try to make me feel any older?

Anyhoo, this post derailed somehow. My point was to segue way into St. Patrick's Day and a few ideas for your own party, you know, rainbows and all...I'm so going to have to use some of these ideas for our upcoming 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' party.

rainbow decor

Taste the rainbow with Skittles vodka; fruit kabobs; I heart both the Colorburst cupcakes and rainbow pancakes; wow your table with a candy centerpiece.

rainbow food collageLots of fabulous details at this rainbow party; a cute rainbow mobile would be pretty hanging over the table; MOMA strips and block coasters; fun rainbow paperware; how fun are these curved glasses?

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