Last Minute Valentines

Not so much for me, since I've been working on these forever and finally finished them, but if you had an evening to focus, could get them done lickety split.
candy sundaeThese awesome candy sundaes are for our teachers...and for those people wondering why there was a crazy lady mumbling to herself while digging through the bulk candy section, picking out all the white taffies, this is why. Here is the tutorial I followed from JesseKate's so fun and easy for a gift or tabletop decor.candy IpodYeah, I already blogged about our iPod valentines, but they are so worth another mention. Just candy boxes, mini peanut butter cups and this download. Dino cello toppersThese dino toppers are a download from the amazing Celebration Shoppe; I just filled our bags with leftover Halloween candy, Play-dough from an after-Christmas sale score and cookie cutters from Wal-mart! C'mon, a six pack of cutters for $2? Totally worth the degrading trip there.
watermelon ValentinesWe are also having a glorified playdate this week for both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year and one of the treats we have to make are these watermelon Valentines, perfect for a school party if you are allowed bring treats from home with an added healthy bonus!Cupcake liner ValentinesHow fun are these Valentines, a collage of ribbon, pretty pictures and flattened cupcake liners? You probably have everything you need in a craft drawer.
Katherine Marie PhotographyStart eating through the candies and hang onto your Valentine boxes because you can totally recycle them into the cutest snack totes evah! I so heart her site, her pictures are breathtaking, and makes me yearn for a not-so crappy camera of my own.

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