Playing The Field, Pt. 2

So, my all-inclusive Super Bowl party post feels not-so-all inclusive, since some very clever parties have been brought to my attention/foolishly overlooked, and I feel compelled to share...

Celebrations at Home Super Bowl tablescapeCelebration At Home's table is so you see the 'spectator' treats in the bleachers? Do you see the ref water bottles with the penalty flag straws? Oh yes, I am SO some of those ideas for the boy's soccer party...yes I am.
Color Sizzle football tablePretty details abound at Color Sizzle's football table; I love the lollipop stands (filed away in my mental party file) and the cute frames that can be used later to hold party photos.Mix Mingle Glow HSM 3 party tableMix Mingle Glow's HSM 3 party is no stranger to me, but it just dawned on me, swap out basketballs for footballs, swap out the colors for your favorite team, and voila, it sets up a fabulous buffet table!

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