Real Party - Chinesentine Playdate

I was trying to combine Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day but I guess that only works with celebrity names. Last week's playdate was a celebration of both...
Chinese New Year ribbon dragon
Chinese New Year ribbon dragon 2We made dragons...candy heart valentines
candy heart Valentines 2...and candy-heart valentines.
TomKat cupcake toppersWe dined on yummy cupcakes with cute toppers from TomKat Studio...chocolate dipped cookies...I dipped sugar cookies in chocolate and sprinkles...watermelon hearts...and to balance out the sugar rush, watermelon Valentines....heart cups...and strawberry milk in jazzed up cups.beary sweet Valentine bagsWe sent our 'beary special Valentines' home with a bag of gummy bears and Teddy Grahams. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, and fun for all!

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