Sarah + Abraham Paper McLovin'

It's here, it's here! Remember the post on my latest paper crush Sarah + Abraham? Our personalized order just showed up and I'm so tickled pink. They are just the cutest, and a great pick-me-up because my allergies are kicking my a** and I fear I may overdose mixing and matching drugs trying to get through the day.

The boy thought they were cool too, and earned his seal of approval. Usually he gives me the eye roll when mama's party-obsess-muchness kicks in, even more so since these are going to be our thank-you cards for his June birthday party. Yes, I know, I'm in meetings. Don't judge.

The envelopes are part of the order and match the shirt, and since we are having a soccer party of course it would be in green. Actually chartreuse. Oh yes, I will be going back, and go check them out, the Stock Up and Save deal ends tomorrow!

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