Tuesday Tip - Don't Throw A Party At CEC/Spring Table Contest/Customized Inspiration Board Service

Isn't the title ridiculously long? I know, had to get your attention because I'm back up for air; I'm chairperson for our school's Valentine's Day Bingo, which was last Thursday night and it was AWESOME; a long 4 day weekend starting with our glorified playdate Friday (pix coming soon), my brother and his wife flying in late Friday night, nephew's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (yikes!) Saturday, and the rest of the weekend sight-seeing the wonder that is Seattle. They just left late last night.

FYI on party planning; don't do a party at the Cheese. It sounds convenient with a host and all, but it's chaos, chaos, chaos. There are a thousand kids running around, trails of tickets flying behind them, clutching buckets of coins, waiting in line at the popular games. I had to go to my happy place; eating Trophy Cupcakes while picking Martha's brain for all her fabulous ideas while we are on the beach in the Bahamas.

Plus, they do a joint singing/cake eating/conga line so all the parties have to cram up front at their respective tables, and I swear there was like 10 parties going at once, and the music is blaring, and trying to squeeze past other guests, hosts bringing food, cutting cake, crying kids, opening presents, someone dancing in a large mouse suit, scary animal mannequins on stage leading a thousand kids in a chorus of "When I say happy, you say birthday, HAPPY...BIRTHDAY" "I can't hear you...when I say happy, you say birthday"...

So I'm happy to be back in the quiet that is now. And clearly I missed a few things. For example, fellow mom party blogger Maddycakes Muse is having an Easter Tablescapes/Spring Parties contest for fabulous prizes, being judged by even more fabulous judges like Amy from Stem Parties, Monique from Enchanted Expectations and Kara from Kara's Party Ideas. And since they've all thrown eye-popping soirees, you know expectations are high; no pressure though, it's about creativity and originality. Biggest isn't always best, right? Grand prize - a $100 shopping spree to any Etsy shop!

I'm thinking about redoing and submitting the tablescape I did a few years ago for my Ladies' Spring Luncheon. I was a novice then, it had good bone structure but I've learned a few new tricks.

And speaking of a few new tricks, another amazing idol of mine has thrown her hat into the customized inspiration board ring...Chris over at Celebrations at Home wants to be your virtual party planner. If you don't live in the Metro Richmond area, you can still have her get your party started with her latest service. Some of you don't have hours to spend searching for ideas to put together a board. Wait, no? Oh, must be just me. Well, who needs clean clothes and hot meals anyways?

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