Tuesday Tip - Room Remix Giveaway/Decorated Brownie Tray

Hullaballo textile boxesWhy store things in ho-hum boxes when you can spice things up with decorative boxes? That's the idea behind Room Remix's giveaway from Hullabaloo Home Decor. They are offering one lucky reader 4 small textile gift boxes and 1 medium decorative textile storage box. Hmm...I don't think I know anyone worthy of such beautiful gift boxes, I would hate to see them go. I would just hoard them for myself!

paper covered brownie tray And speaking of covering things, do you dread taking your fabulous containers to parties fearing to never see them again? No need to fret, Paper Source is a problem-solver: cover your disposable trays with pretty paper. Deliciously simple (no pun intended) and I can't believe I had not thought of that sooner! I've covered the bottom of ugly serving trays with paper but it never occured to me for disposable ones.

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