We Go Wednesday - Cheertastic!

I have boys. Right now, I am nowhere near cheerleading, pep squads, or even the flag team. Thus, it was a treat when this past weekend brought us to my first cheer competition,the ATC International Championship in Bellevue, supporting our friend's endeavors. It was EXACTLY like the movie Bring It On. Only the first one, I do not consider the other 4 even close to the original. And just like the movie, they placed second, but they are all winners, and no spirit fingers!

In fact, the boy asked before we went would it be like the movie. And it was! Down to the 10 pounds of eye makeup and glitter. It was awesome. It was insanely crowded and probably the closest I'll ever get to it; well, maybe not, there were quite a few boys on some of the teams. Just like the movie, I bet they were there to meet hot girls. Wait...

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