DIY Party Elements

Ever spy something at a party and think, "What a fabulous idea! But I could never do that, I'm not that crafty..." That is the biggest secret of fab party planning...making something look ridiculously complicated and yet it wasn't. Here are some great ideas even YOU Ms. I'm-Not-That-Crafty can do and not even break the bank or a sweat.
fabric pom1. Pom-PomsI LOVE pom-poms. I wish I could use them for everything...decoration, ornaments, napkin ties, present toppers, the works! You've seen the tissue poms made famous by Martha, but check this fabulous tutorial from Once's just fabric circles, a Chinese lantern and hot glue!
yarn pom napkin ringsI am so in love with these Couture Parties' yarn poms and ribbon for clever napkin rings; check out the easy tutorial at Ruffled.

moss pots2. Moss PotsAh yes, the much maligned cousin of fabulous wheatgrass that we always see in beautiful centerpieces. Don't rule it out...check out how this wonderful tutorial for about $2 a pot. It's probably even cheaper if you can score terra cotta pots from the Dollar Store and use a coupon on the spray paint at your favorite craft store.

plastic containers as bowls3. Plastic Containers
Hmmm....did you ever think to line simple plastic containers with napkins and ribbon for fine dining? Stephmodo did just that for a baby shower, and they are perfect and reusable, I'm sure guests took them home.

carnival ticket ideas4. Carnival Tickets
Having a circus party? Or just need colorful decor ideas? You can score a huge roll (2,000 and more) of tickets at your favorite party store. How about a few rolls as a floral stand? Or how about as napkin rings like Silence And Noise did for her munchkin's first birthday. Or just take the whole roll and turn it into a bowl; check out Cathie Filan's tutorial.

mason jar cupcakes5. Mason Jar Cupcakes
I know right? Why didn't I think of that?

giant letter sign6. Papier-mâché LettersI see them at JoAnn's, they talk to me every time I walk by them. They are about a foot tall and just begging to be used. Sandy from The Winding Road heard the call, painted them and put Christmas lights through them for awesome signage.

straw flagsstraw markers7. Paper Straws
My newest many clever little time. Turn them into drink flags or use them as food markers.

cotton candy craft collage8. Cotton CandyDon't these cloud toppers make you feel giggly? Or maybe this cotton candy cone does? I know, they are so easy to do...

paper bag crafts9. Paper BagsI've talked about jazzing up paper bags, but I don't think everyone gets how versatile they are! You can make flower baskets like Martha's, paper bag flowers like Martha's, paper bag centerpieces like Martha's, brooms (you know you want them for your Harry Potter party) like Martha's...

topiary ideas10. TopiariesAll super easy and perfect little centerpieces that can be made out of ANYTHING...colored pencils, drink umbrellas, strawberries, fruit and cupcakes, veggies... I could keep going but I think you get the idea.

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