Fiesta Friday - Dog Gone It!

Fancy Flours dog cookiesThe little one and I just read the cutest book about Beatrice who is unwillingly taken to the library with her brother who has to do a book report; Beatrice Doesn't Want To by Laura Numeroff, she of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie fame. We loved the story, we are such dog people. And with an email from Fancy Flours sitting in my inbox about their fabulous doggie cookie cutters, I had to do a post.

I'm also dedicating this post to Smokey, my friend's dear family pet who passed away last weekend...pouring a little water out for you homie!

Mix Mingle Glow dog partyI never get tired of Mix Mingle Glow's 'Dog Party With A Purpose'; several animal shelters allowed homeless pups to join the celebration in hopes of a future adoption and all of the decor elements like the dog food, went to back to the shelters.

Instead of presents, consider asking for donations to a local animal shelter. Get a list of needs from the shelter and include in your invite. If you receive a thank you note from the shelter, include a copy of it in your thank you notes.
dog party treat collageWould You Like A Treat?
Arg!!! Aren't these puppy pops from Bakerella just the awesomest? She's graciously shares the tutorial. This puppy has a bite much greater than it's bark; layers of blondie and brownie never looked so good. Adorable puppy cupcakes from the queen of cupcakes herself that would be a fun project for guests to make.
Meri Meri dog cupcake setA perfect way to show off your cupcakes, with Meri Meri's cupcake set.

pink puppy partyspray painted dog treatsA lovely pink dog party from LuLu & Co. Do you see the dog biscuits hanging from the tissue pom flowers? Love it! Speaking of biscuits, a few coats of spray paint can turn them into table confetti, a la our Monster Mash party. Ours are silver but feel free to match your decor and use them as vase filler, place cards, whatever!

The Playlist
Who Let The Dogs Out? - Baha Men
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Who Am I? (What's My Name?) - Snoop Dogg
Atomic Dog - George Clinton
A Hard's Day Night - the Beatles
the theme song from Underdog

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