Fiesta Friday (On A Monday) - And The Oscar Goes To...

Pottery Barn movie nightYesterday I posted on Oscar-inspired cocktails, and since the telecast is right around the corner, I wanted to squeeze in one last inspirational post.

I am in love with Pottery Barn's movie night layout; if you are into elegant simplicity (read no complicated menus) it's a great way to keep you stress-free and your guests involved by setting up a self-serve drink bar and popcorn cones to help themselves.

Twig & Thistle Oscar party 2Twig & Thistle Oscar partyI am also in love with Twig & Thistle's totally retro-cool party; I totally want to be at a party with a candy tray and fab ballots! And she has graciously shared the various downloads for your own fabulousness.

For those of you who want to theme it down to the drink tags, take a pun twist on your menu; match up my D.O.W. ideas with (Up)side Down Cake, Grilled Prawns (District 9), Nazi scallops (Inglorious Basterds), or Frequent Fryer Points (chicken wings) for Up In The Air. Pair (A Serious Man)wiches with (A Single Man) single malts, soul food for Precious, and close out with a Mississippi Mud Pie for The Blind Side.

Keep it clean with Oscar Bingo or take it there by playing the Oscars Drinking Game. Take a sip whenever…

-- The camera cuts to the nominee clutching his/her hands together
-- You have no idea what the category even means (sound mixing and sound editing are two separate things?).
-- A winner thanks God/the Academy/their mother.
-- The camera pans to a celebrity’s seat, but the celeb is in the restroom.
-- The orchestra starts playing before a winner is done speaking.
-- A winner says 'I know I'm forgetting someone'...

Last year's post has more inspiration...

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