Real Party Sneak Peek - Airplane Boarding Pass Invites

I've been working on a airplane 2nd birthday party coming up later this month, his current obsession. We steered away from 'fighter pilot' although dad just got him a fighter pilot outfit that of course he has to wear. We'll be more about airports and biplanes. There isn't alot out there that isn't 'fighter pilot' themed. That's OK, it just makes me flex the creative muscle more.

I wanted to make the invite look like a suitcase with cardstock and ribbon. But if it doesn't look like what's in my head, I won't do I scrapped it and went in favor of mom's idea of an airplane ticket. I'm all about doing something different; the airplane ticket invite idea is hot on the wedding circuit, but once I got into them, I actually like them.
airplane boarding pass inviteMom designed the logo, which I'm going to use throughout the party. And of course your ticket comes in a pocket holder, so of course, so does ours! airplane boarding pass invite 2And lucky me, a discovery at Michael's, wooden biplane birdhouses...biplane birdhousepainted our signature red, which will hang over the dessert table amongst white tissue pom clouds. I'm using fadeless cloud-printed paper (another Michael's find) for the background wall, so I sure better figure out how I'm hanging them from the ceiling. I'm the fishing line and packing tape queen, but the planes are too heavy for tape, and I haven't come across any type of temporary ceiling hooks. Any thoughts?

So, I've been getting lots of emails about how I did the airplane tickets and pockets, and I can only take credit for playing around with an existing template to make it look like this. So I'm updating the post to let everyone know all the real heavy lifting came from the gracious Soiree Bliss! who shares the Word file on her blog. P.S. she has lots o' inspiration there too!

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