Tuesday Trend - Dessert Tables

Yesterday I shared a fabulous dessert stylist and it jogged my memory about a great article from Creative Hostess from the owner of Chic Sweets on tips for creating a stunning dessert table. There are so many amazing tables out there, but they all follow some key ideas. Today I'm highlighting some of the article's main points, and although you'll see the ideas repeated throughout each dessert table, I'll try to show strong examples.

1. Make your table a great focal point; balance out the amount of candy and cookies you will need with the size of your table. Lots of empty space or half-filled jars take away from the table. Oversized items can balance out a small table and give the illusion of fullness. The lollipop trees here from Chic Sweets are a great way to display items and add a layer of depth.
2. Incorporate something that the party inspires...a design element, the guest of honor's favorite color or dessert are great ideas to base a table on. This baby boy blue shower table features the clothesline motif from the invitation; the birthday girl's ice-cream love inspired her amazing ice-cream parlor dessert table while the birthday boy's monogram set the table's tone, down to the cookies.

dessert table tips3. Your color palette is key...check out sites like Color Combos to help you perfectly coordinate your colors for the most harmonious blend! If you can keep it to 2-3 colors, you're set! High contrast colors are definitely eye-catching; for example, Pearl Events's table in navy and yellow, Celebrations At Home in chocolate and red and Maddycakes Muse in black and yellow.

4. Don't forget your backdrop; think of it as an extension of your table...Amy Atlas excels in this department. Her space table uses a signature goody board and other wall details while her Moroccan-style table's backdrop has a motif mimicked in the dessert designs.

5. Layers, layers, layers! This is the most important not specified in the article, but is crucial to any tablescape. Having different heights to your table is an dynamic element; keep your guests' eyes moving and you'll notice many more 'oohs' and 'aahs' rather than keeping everything in one row.

You'll notice all the tables have elements of heights and depth such as the tall towers and cake centerpieces, long rows and uniform balance centered around the table's showpiece. Note the navy and yellow table doesn't have a showpiece, but the table is still symmetrical to the layer of flowers.

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