We Go Wednesday - How To Train Your Dragon

A few weeks back, the boy and I had the pleasure of attending an advance screening of Dreamwork's How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. In my mind, I had already prepared to take a snooze, or perhaps mentally plan out all my upcoming events. However, I didn't have the chance, as I was busy watching the movie.

Now, although he is almost 9, the boy has never had the pleasure of watching a movie in 3D, since the only theater I knew was the IMAX at Seattle Center, and you have to mortgage off a kidney to afford that place. Now, thanks to Avatar, everyone is all jumping on the bandwagon, and we saw it at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle. Oh, FABULOUS place by the way, I had never been there, tricked out theater on the fourth floor and tons of shopping on the previous three.

OK, so I digress...I totally give the movie 4 stars, because they did an amazing job on not just the storyline, but man, the 3D really enhanced it. Sure, it was predictable and full of cliches; the son trying to please his dominant father, bitter rivalries, the unattainable chick, fight scenes, and a happy ending. But that is the magic movie-formula and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But there are a few surprises were thrown in for good measure. So I was totally engrossed.

Since I grew up on those tacky red-blue lensed cheapo-flimso glasses of the 80's, I was down for the black sunglasses they gave us. The boy oh'd and ah'd through the whole thing, and thought it was pretty awesome. I'm not sure if we would have liked it as much in regular vision...much like I'm sure Avatar isn't all that without the 3D. Or as my friend calls it 'Ferngully meets Romeo and Juliet meets The Smurfs meets military propaganda'. Her words, not mine, I have no intention of seeing Avatar.

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