We Read Wednesday - Party Books

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm also have a lazy post day because I have SO much party stuff to get done, the airplane party is next weekend and I'm STILL sick. First it was allergies, and now, I'm drinking Dayquil in pints.

If you haven't noticed 'The Gospels' in my left column, they are my 'go-to' reads; they are constant sources of inspiration. I've read every single one of them, and either own a few or constantly check them out. My latest discovery is Pottery Barn - Dining Spaces and I may have to get my hands on a Borders coupon and own this one. As usual, anything PB does never disappoints, and this book is awesome, it's about entertaining spaces and how to coordinate by the type of space, color, texture, lighting, furnishings, even storage ideas. It breaks each design down by color palette, room plan and materials showing how every element harmonizes. Of course, it is PB, so every page looks like a catalog spread, but their tips are invaluable and not snooty or expensive to duplicate! Definitely worth a few read-throughs.

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