Fiesta Friday/Real Party - De Plane! De Plane!

Airplane dessert tableThe airplane party, third in the series, for my friend's 2 year old was a smashing success! With an extremely tight budget, I really had to keep an eye out for as many money-savers as possible, which is my party motto, plan, plan, plan! Mom designed the red airplane logo that was on the invite and it became our running motif, I wanted to use it everywhere!

The cake was a little 'off', as the designer (who did an amazing job!!!) didn't get the memo that we wanted red planes. fighter pilot cakeThat's OK, the birthday boy was wearing a flight suit that Daddy found in San Diego that we just had to have....flight suitSo back to the party...I scored on packets of tissue for super cheap, and we fluffed and hung up a ton of tissue poms for the bestest clouds...not a pretty shot, but you get the idea.
airplane party pom clouds
airplane dessert table 2airplane dessert table sign The 'First Class' dessert table was a hit with the kids...who can resist building an ice-cream sundae with a huge slab of chocolate cake? They also loved the propeller pops...yes, I made the propellers from melted chocolate and mini M&Ms.

The biplanes are wooden birdhouses I found at Michael's and painted myself. I've been crushing over paper straws and then I won a set of blue ones. I've been dying to use them, but knew they wouldn't be fully appreciated for drinking, so they totally became signage.

Who knew IKEA carried material? Um, not me, since I was there to find containers and totally by accident found the diamond-patterned duck cloth (ridiculously cheap at 3.99/yard!!!) that became our table cover.propeller popspropeller pops 2airplane party dessert table signsToppings included 'Captain's Chips', 'Bomber Bears', 'Candy Cargo' and 'Cessna Crumbles'; labels were a total score as a download from Eat.Drink.Chic.

The lunch counter was decorated like an airport runway...butcher paper is so my friend. The kids' meals were served in the clear containers while the adults grabbed sandwiches and personalized water bottles. Where did I find the containers? Oh yes, the Dollar Store.airplane party lunch counterairplane party lunch counter water bottlesOf course there was a craft; guests painted wooden biplanes, another Michael's score for a $1 each.We also had a photo op set up; everyone took photos for their pilot's license...duh, you can't fly a plane without one! Here are some of the best ones...
airplane party photo opairplane party photo op 2airplane party photo op 3Guests picked up their party favors from Baggage Claim: the candy cloud airplanes treat board is inspired by the great Amy Atlas, a toy airplane, airplane stickers and containers of homemade playdough complete with an airplane cookie cutter.airplane party baggage claimairplane party baggage claim 2airplane party baggage claim 3Thanks again R for letting me run with my madness, and see you for his 3rd birthday!

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