Fiesta Friday/Real Party Sneak Peek - Real Party Ideas

I have creative friends; they make it seem like it's always me, but they give me way too much credit. Check out my friend's party favors from her recent Lego party...
Lego picture frame favorDad took the boys to the party, so imagine my delight when they showed me their party favors. I knew she was working hard painting these wooden picture frames from Michael's, and they are cuter than I imagined!

One of their activities was making a Lego creation, so she took a picture and sent them home in the picture frames. The kids added the Legos and their names using Foamie letters. This would be awesome for just about any party theme, just change the colors out. They can even paint the frames themselves as a party activity and you can send the pictures out in thank you cards.

I've been waiting for a Lego party just so I could make this gift bag...Lego favor bag...and I thought a yarn pom-pom would make a great package topper. I was totally thinking ' "...brown paper packages tied up with string..." '

Next up on the agenda, I've been hard at work for my next party, a Silly Socks Pajama Party and here's a sneak peek at the invites...slumber party inviteI think they are just the cutest, down to the little paper flower in their hair. I wanted to make each look like it's recipient, but I had to be talked down from that ledge.

I purchased tote bags for favor bags and I'm jazzing them up with each girl's initial and these felt flowers that I made...felt flower toppersAs the RSVPs roll in, I'll make more. I tend to get ahead of myself and give myself way too much work. I'm also going to attempt to make these from the great Karen Tack of Hello, Cupcakes!...Hello Cupcake! slumber party cupcakesWish me luck!

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