Tuesday Trend - Love In A Container

Sometimes we live a little far away from our loved ones. We wish we could blow out the candles with them on their birthdays, share a just-because treat, or hint, hint, a Mother's Day surprise. Take the old 'Cookies In A Jar' idea to the next level with these ingenious ways to send your love across the miles.
cake in a canLove, love, love A. Party Styles' Cake In A Can! Wouldn't you love to be on the receiving end of her fondant creation?
bread in a jarHow about using a large jam jar like these from Delicious Days...imagine how pretty it would be if you made a layered creation?
pie in a jarYes, even a pie can be had...single serving jars take all the guilt out of eating a 'whole' pie by yourself. Check out the full tutorial at Our Best Bites.
pie popsSpeaking of pies, no they aren't in a container, but these pie pops are ridiculously cute and with careful packaging, I bet you can still send them.
cupcake in a jarOf course I couldn't forget these cupcakes in a jar I've blogged about before....

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