Tuesday Tutorial - Inkspot Workshop Glass Magnet & Handprint Tiles

Inkspot Workshop glass magnetLooking for some more Mother's Day project ideas? I just had to share this amazing and super-simple tutorial from Inkspot Workshop at Oh My! Handmade Goodness for making your own glass magnets. Cha-ching! Just found our gifts for all our grandmas, we have 4 sets! I'm hoping to find larger glass tiles and have the boys draw pictures instead.
handprint tilesAlong the same lines, I wanted to share the tile handprints we've done for auction items when my boys were in preschool. If you still have little ones (each boy was about 3 years old), their handprints will fit perfectly. If you have older kids, they can paint a design on the tile. And don't limit yourself, channel your inner child and make a creation of your own!

Be warned, these are NOT trivets or dishwasher-safe, I can't vouch for how well the sealant works. They are just for decor.

Supplies Needed:
6 inch white bathroom tile (from your local hardware store)
acrylic paint of your choice
glass pebbles (optional if you are just painting a picture;I found mine at Michael's)
clear surface sealer for crafts (mine is Design Master Super Surface Sealer)
foam brush
your favorite super-glue (I use Gorilla Glue)

1. Get your workspace and/or kids painting-ready.

2. Wipe off your tile with a wet sponge, and let dry.

3. Instruct your child to keep their hand open and put a generous squirt of paint into their palm. With the foam brush, paint their palm, making sure to get into every nook and cranny.

4. Position their palm over the tile in the desired location, then gently press their palm onto the tile. Make sure they don't wiggle and DON'T let them smoosh their hand on, it will smudge the handprint. The beauty of it is, if it doesn't look the way you want, you can always wipe off the tile and try again.

5. Let the paint dry, then spray with the surface sealer. Once that is set, add your pebbles on with the super glue.

6. If you want to hang them, attach a large washer to the back. I'm not that brave, mine sit on my counter.


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