Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
Welcome fellow party people for UBP 2010. This is my second year participating and I'm excited to find new blogs to spend more time there instead of washing dishing. For my fellow readers who have no idea what I'm talking about, this blog party helps spread the word about other blogs, mompreneur sites, and of course fabulous prizes. Go see, you may want to join.

OK, so once again welcome to Not Just A Mommy! Why this title? Because I have party planning on the brain and although I have a 5 and 8 year old, and seem to be constantly driving them to soccer, basketball, playdates and all up in school committees and activities, I'm not just a mommy. I love to blog about all things entertaining, crafts, a little bit of ranting and raving on random stuff.

Here is a quick rundown of my madness; check out my 'Where's The Party At' list for parties I've thrown, my 'DIY Party Fun' are a few projects I've worked on with tutorials, and 'The Gospels' are a must-read list of entertaining books, I've read them all and own most of them. As if you have anymore time, you must visit the people on my 'Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?' list, they are my blog crushes, and are all so full of so many creative ideas, I could eat them up!

I also have regular posts; Sundays are Drink Of The Week, a fabulous drink recipe both virgin and alcoholic; For my Tuesday Tip/Tutorial/Trend I usually share giveaways and freebies, awesome tutorials, and perhaps spotlight a fellow blogger or two. We Go Wednesday chronicle my madcap trips around the Pacific Northwest or some other fabulous place I would love to visit. Fiesta Fridays are all about the parties, inspiration boards dedicated to a particular theme or sharing my own party photos.

Don't be afraid to join my merry band of stalkers, or if you'd like to admire from afar, sign up for email updates...for every 100 followers, I host a fabulous giveaway and we are getting close. Plus, don't you want to see what craziness I come up with next?

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