We Go Wednesday - Cupcake Camp Seattle/Yellow Dot Cafe

Seattle's first Cupcake Camp was last weekend and the boys and I had a full day planned, this was one stop on our whirlwind party tour. The location, 415 Westlake, a definite local to keep in mind for reception spots, very modern and sleek, but a little small considering the turnout, they were expecting a lot less people to show up...
Cupcake Camp Seattle roomYes, not so much...and not so much room. We had basketball practice first so we arrived an hour and a half after the doors opened and were lucky enough to score a few cupcakes. They were turning people away because they ran out of all 5,000 cupcakes that were generously donated.

I'm sure initially there were signs up for each cupcake's home of origin, but since we were late, since I have no idea where the few we snagged came from. We get to have the fun of going to all of the different places and sample away!
Cupcake Camp Seattle Orca cupcake
Cupcake Camp Seattle cake popFirst up, a wonderful table at the door covered in various contest entries...which gave me a very long list of places I have never heard of and can't wait to get to, I'm sure they will be future We Go Wednesdays.
Cupcake Camp Seattle Wink CupcakesI've never heard of Wink Cupcakes but believe you me I will be making my way over there very soon. Aren't you loving her cupcake headband?
Cupcake Camp Seattle Trophy Cupcakes stand An ingenious idea from Trophy Cupcakes; her cupcake-stand dress was covered in cupcakes, I bet it was gorgeous. She probably feared for her life...
Cupcake Camp Seattle Jennifer Shea Trophy CupcakesI totally recognized Jennifer Shea from said Trophy Cupcakes and totally called her over and yammered like a nut...I was totally THAT GIRL. I couldn't trust the boy to take a good picture of us together so here she is with the boys.
Cupcake Camp Seattle Bella CoutureAnother fave, Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrappers, remember I blogged about them? I was so hoping to meet the owner. Don't the boys look excited? I was taking too long and they were starving and wanted to eat cupcakes.

To prevent a sugar rush, we took a little walk to find something with healthy, and came across Yellow Dot Cafe, a wonderful cafe of fresh sandwiches and hand-picked produce for your salads tossed on site.
Yellow Dot CafeAnd even more fabulous, a Jones soda dispenser...mmm...even better since the factory is right next door...Yellow Dot Cafe Jones soda

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