We Go Wednesday - Packaging Specialties

Packaging SpecialtiesDon't you love it when you can find a place right after your own heart? As a lover of party planning, I'm always looking for the hot spot to find everything I need and not have to go all over town. I do love the big box stores, they are dependable and take coupons. But they don't fulfill the 'special something' need.

First, it was Paper Zone, but when they didn't have the invite boxes I needed, they directed me to Packaging Specialties. How did I not know about this place? I died and went to heaven. They.Have.Paper.Straws.

The boys were with me when I went since they were on Spring Break, so I couldn't touch and explore everything, but let me tell you, if you live out here in Seattle, you must make haste and get thee to one (there is also a Redmond location). Rainbow colors of Chinese take-out boxes, carry-out soup containers, flat paper bags (no, not gusseted ones, FLAT!), boxes of every size and shape (they have clear ones!) ribbon galore, a wall of just about every color of tissue paper...and did I mention paper straws?

Not only that, but they carry items you can't seem to find anywhere, like Paul Frank stuff. The boy just received a pair of Paul Frank pajamas, and didn't realize how cool they were until he saw the store's stash of stuff. I'm like, 'duh, I knew that! That's why I got them for you'. And I did find the boxes for the boy's invite. I can't wait to go back on my own...I just have to remember to get home on time before the school bus does...

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