Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Silly Socks Pajama Party

Silly Socks Pajama party socksA few weeks ago I had the pleasure of putting together a Silly Socks Pajama Party, inspired by a post at The Party Dress. I don't get to do girly parties that often and I was allowed free creative license, i.e. she didn't want to lift a finger.

I have to say my favorite part was the was printed on the back asking guests to come in their favorite pajamas and silliest socks. Silly Socks Slumber Party inviteI had this image of everyone taking home cute little bags filled with goodies, and when I spotted these bags at Michael's, it was kismet, they were perfect, even down to the party's color palette. I added each girl's initial and a felt flower to jazz them up.
The tables were decorated like, what else, beds? There were so many great inspirations to pull ideas from; the Hostess, Giggle Dust Parties, Party Wishes...We saw these pillows at Dollar Tree and just had to have them, they now reside in the birthday girl's room. I know, I can't get away from those tissue poms....and gotta give a shot out to Stem Parties for the cereal jar centerpiece, I totally 'borrowed' the idea.
Since we were having breakfast, we had to set up a waffle bar of course, with all the fixings. Dad was a short-order cook that day, making waffles and an amazing strawberry compote, cereal, and juice. Sorry, no food shots, the waffles looked like waffles, and they were snatched up with the quickness.
Thank you Wilton I decorating class for upping my piping skills...

We had two activities making shower gel and of course, silly socks. Thanks to a few tips from reader Cheryl, (messiness, staining, everything for a perfect craft!) I found great shower gel kits. I printed out cute labels to add to the clear bottles and made up little recipe cards so they could mix and match coloring and scents to make it their own. Somehow, I actually HAVE a picture of me at an I am madly funneling shower gel. Don't you love my Nick & Nora PJ's? Hubby hates them, said they look like hospital scrubs. Well, I guess when I wear them, we know how our night will end. Plain white socks received personalization with puffy paint. They make great non-slip socks. Word to the wise, puffy paint is messy and permanent pretty much the minute it hits the material. Wish I knew that before they got all over the tablecloths. Oh, and they take a couple of days to dry, so not a craft for the impatient. The girls made some amazing designs, and I swore I took a shot of them all laid out and drying, but I guess not.

Oh, what else did they take home you ask? What else went into their adorable bags besides their shower gel? I set up a little shopping area of cookie jars filled with little bottles of lip gloss, lotion, candy jewelry and rings so the girls could go shopping. Sorry, no pix of that either. Our schedule went off wack and I didn't get a change to take a shot of it.

I'm always taking shots before the insanity, but I just had to sneak in an after-shot...Not sure why there is that one lone little cupcake there...we started opening presents and I guess it was forgotten? Thanks R for letting me go overboard, I know the girls had a blast!

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