From Owls To Monsters

I've been gone this weekend, so I've been sadly missing all the fabulousness in the blogosphere, but I'm catching up. First up, my Meri Meri giveaway winner. I loved reading all of your party inspirations, alot of them sounded like my own, so yeah for you OCD-like planners...we should form a support group.

Drawn by randomly random, comment #12, CJ of Pink Tea, "I collect ideas throughout the year, creating almost an inspiration board. Then I sit down and purge things down to one definitive plan. I'm already working on my daughter's June birthday and have been collecting ideas for my son's September birthday." Yes, my kind of crazy...congrats!

And speaking of inspired crazy, I absolutely love it when readers take one of my ideas and runs with it. I am so tickled to see my felt owls inspired these absolutely adorable monsters for a monster bash at Multi-purpose Wings....felt monstersfelt monsters 2felt monsters 3
I just about squeaked at how the rest of her party turned out...oh, her Build A Monster Cupcake is inspiring to the nth degree...candy melt body parts? I'm in heaven. She even shares how she makes them, so you know you are going to run out and make a few!monster cupcakes
I feel this party is going to be hot on the party-site circuit, so you saw it here first! Thank you Anj for letting me share. Has some of my crazy rubbed off on you? Please let me know, I would love to see your creativity and share in a future post.

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