Think Inside The Box/Real Party Invite Sneak Peek

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I'm a fan of clever invites, and to me, the ultimate ones are those you can't slap up on a fridge, i.e. in a box. Yes, if you can't hand-deliver, the postage can be a bear. But you know they won't be easily misplaced, and oh, the possibilities! And I can't say it enough, I'm always excited by a clever invite, because it means there is a great party in store. Case in point, the boy's upcoming soccer party box invite 2box soccer invites Thankfully we'll be secretly passing these out at school and hand-delivering the rest. I'm so in love with the green bubble masking tape that I found in Michael's dollar section(!!!). Even cooler because Washi tape is the latest in packaging, but alas, it is a bit pricey! My boxes, a score from Packaging Specialties. Reader Celebrity Mommy wrote me asking for some help with baby shower invites; check out her final results, loving those pretty pinwheels and butterflies! She found her boxes at PS too! So, in honor of our invites, I would like to share some more ideas to get your party started!For Paris Hilton's perfume launch, the planners extraordinaire from the Gospel According To Party Confidential, sent out tiaras tucked in a black velour pouch that was tied with a pink ribbon and attached to the invitation. gumball bx inviteA candygram from Inchmark Journal would be a perfect invite. pinwheel box invitePinwheel baby shower invite from The Hostess. Lemonhead box invitePretty invites sit on a bed of Lemonheads. ribbon box invitePretty boxes stamped with the couple's monogram. Halloween box inviteThis invite has a mask I bet the recipient could wear. pink candy box inviteWedding invite has pretty details, down to the baker's twine. cupcake in a box inviteGuess what's inside this company's invite to their first anniversary bash? Yup, a cupcake! Even the outside of the box is spells out 'ONE'. kite box inviteAn invitation to a kite-flying birthday party where mama sent a kite to each guest to decorate and bring. pencil box inviteTell me you do not love this bridal luncheon invite from Gourmet Invitations, filled with a personalized pencil and questionnaire for each guest. carousel box party inviteThis beautiful invitation comes inside a decorative box that was delivered inside of yet another decorative box. fork box inviteAn invite to a 40th birthday party invites guests to an evening of fun. moving box inviteMoving announcements feature packing accoutrement as filler...clever, clever! pistachio box invitePeek under those pistachios and you'll find the invite to a dinner party, try not to snack! bug box inviteThis clever mom uses tiny specimen boxes with slips of paper and plastic insects inside to beckon guests to her son's spring themed party. bug tube inviteAnother bug-inspired invite from Nounces Designs...she even punched airholes in the top. Hee. Las Vegas box inviteThe pièce de résistance; this beautiful Las Vegas themed invite included three layers, hand-sparkled in gold, hand-cut and hand-folded gold tissue paper, real poker chips and the card included the reservation details, all wrapped up in a black invite box.

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