Tuesday Tip/Tutorial - A Sprinkle Contest/Felt Car Mat

Bake It Pretty sprinkle contestI have a few more gems to share with you today, mostly because they inspire me with their sites and I can't keep my mouth shut when I like something.

Over at one of my favorite places to peruse when I should be doing something more productive is Bake It Pretty. The fun I wanted to share is their Sprinkle Contest where we the readers get the chance to create a future sprinkle combo that they'll feature in their awesome shop. I know right? My comment #154 is a shout-out to the upcoming Toy Story 3 which the little one can't stop yammering about, and the boy is making me swear I won't take him to. He's too cool for all that you know, since he will be almost 9.

A Girl And A Glue Gun should have been what I named my blog because as you all know, if it ain't gluing, it ain't happening. Alas, she beat me to it. How fortuitous that I came upon her blog and had to become a stalker, and not just because she says she is 'Kimbo West...not to be confused with Kimbo Slice' and I actually know that reference. felt car matHe's an MMA fighter which next to Rocky, The Karate Kid, and anything with Clint Eastwood is all we seem to watch around these parts.

Anyhoo, she made an absolutely, positively fabulous felt play mat with felt and hot glue. No sewing. Yes, yes, yes, I've already purchased the big pieces of felt and I'm now mapping out my own streets and stuff. You know the little one is having a Cars/race car party this summer and I plan to surprise him with his own mat. Hope mine looks half as good as this one, and of course I will share my progress.

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