Tuesday Tutorial - Fabric, Felt and Ribbon Galore!

There are some ubertalented people out there...skilled with sewing skills, nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills of which I have none. That's ok, I'm not mad at them, just in awe, so of course I had to share. I only have fusible webbing/gluing skills so I totally would substitute them in. Yes, they wouldn't look the same...didn't you hear me say I have no sewing skills?You can purchase this breakfast food pattern from Fun With Felt for only $3! This cute pattern set includes complete instructions.
puffy cloud tutorialI am so tickled to have found Practically Spent's Puffy Flowers On A Stick, wish I had found her sooner, I would totally have done Clouds On A Stick for our aiplane party.
Serving Pink Lemonade's super cute felt tools sprung from a need for more boy-inspired crafts, I hear you sister! She shares full patterns and the how-to.
korker tutorialAnd a project right up my alley...do you know what a korker bow is? I having boys, didn't even know that is what you called a bow made from curled ribbon. Apparently they are hot on the cheerleading/dance circuit? I think they would make an awesome gift topper.

Pink Tea is sharing a wonderful tutorial on how to make your own korker bows for clips and other accessories. Since I have a GNO coming up and trickin' out flip-flops is one of our activities, I'm going to see if I can make some. Lord knows I have enough ribbon!

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