Tuesday Tutorial - Glass Magnet Gifts

So remember my post on Inkspot Workshop's Glass Tile Magnets? Well, I was on a mission to make them for Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation gifts. Of course, I couldn't find the square tiles locally, even though I was positive I would find them at a hardware store. Nope, too small or they had painted backing.

While at a craft store, I stumbled across a second just-as-cute option using those glass flat-backed marbles in the floral section. Sure I've used the smaller ones for vase fillers, but who knew how versatile the larger ones are?

I picked up a few packs of magnets, and since I couldn't find the Diamond Glaze mentioned in the tutorial, it was suggested that I use E-6000, which dries clear and you could use to glue panels on the Space Shuttle. I exaggerate, but my glue motto, 'the stinkier, the stronger', seems to apply. Also needed, small, sharp pair of craft scissors and a paper sander. If you have a fancy one, good for you. I just used an old nail file.

The pebbles are roughly an 1 1/2" across, and luckily I had the same hole puncher. For the teacher magnets, I punched out cute paper, and for Mother's Day, I printed various photos out on cardstock and punched those out. Yeah, we have 4 sets of grandmothers, so I had to crank out quite a few.

Use the E-6000 in a place you don't care to stink up, and a covered workspace; our garage is perfect. A small glob of glue on the punched circle, and carefully place the marble on top. Smoosh down the marble so the glue goes out to the edge of the circle. Let it dry, I waited a whole day because the smell was so strong.

I trimmed the excess paper with the scissors, then use the file to smooth the paper on the marble to make it nice and smooth. Another dollop of glue on the back and attach the magnet, smooshing it down until you get nice even coverage. Let dry, magnet-side up and be careful not to have the pebbles close to each other. The magnets will be attracted to each other, and pull themselves off the pebbles.

Another day to set and voila! Sorry about the flash, but you get the idea.

I found these cute little boxes to box them up in, and wrapped them in paper and ribbon and a thank-you tag from Dimple Prints. She's generously sharing a great download for tags, toppers and thank-you cards. They are the cutest, and would be perfect for Back To School parties this fall. Yes, I'm already planning one. I see them cropping up in future parties as great favors. Well, more as grown-up favors...

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