We Go Wednesday - Peanut Butter & Co.

Peanut Butter & Co.Saw this place on the Travel Channel and I fell in love...a place devoted to all things peanut butter? I'm a classic PB & J girl, I don't like peanut butter anywhere else but a sandwich, no peanut butter cups, not eating it out of the jar by the spoonfuls like my husband.

But I will eat it a sandwich if it's all jazzed up. And judging by the menu, there isn't any way they haven't jazzed up a sandwich. Seasonal choices include the Pina Colada - Smooth Operator (you have to go to the site to know what this is), pineapple preserves, marshmallow fluff, and shredded coconut.

Don't live in NYC? No worries, they have an online shop...

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