Crazy It Forward/Real Party/Fiesta Friday (On A Tuesday) - Ay Chihuahua!

I need to figure out how to make my titles there a tiny url generator for titles? Anyhoo, I'm so trying to play catch up with all the parties I've been getting, trying to feature them all so I'm slipping in another one today.

Remember reader Adriana's Sweet One party? Well, she's at it again for her 7 year old, this time she was inspired by my Silly Socks Pajama Party. Since she doesn't have a blog to post up my new 'Crazy It Forward' button, here it is for all to see!And here are the fabulous party deets in her own words....
chihuahua party invitesWhen I asked my girl what she wanted for her 7th birthday, she said a chihuahua and a sleepover party... there is no way I am adding a four legged friend to our family (at least not for now)... so I decided to let her have the sleepover with her closest friends and got them little chihuahuas for the girls to stuff. chihuahua party table
chihuahua party table 2chihuahuaI got the most adorable plush chihuahuas here a Fill A Friend. They have the best customer service and the package arrived promptly and everything is packed super nice... all party ready!! I also ordered from them little pjs for the doggies and they even sent a custom made shirt for the birthday girl's little pet chihuahua. So cute!
chihuahua party bagsSince my girl's favorite color is blue, I stuck with blues and some yellow for the party to add a bit of contrast. I found the fabric on sale at Joann's and also got the little bags there, which were embellished with the fabric and some buttons I had at home. The bags also had some make up, nail polish and a small diary which I bought at 5Below.

chihuahua party treatschihuahua party treats 2 The goodies were all made by me. The birthday girl wanted lemon cake which I covered in fondant. It turned out a bit funny because it was a recipe for 12 (since there were only 5 girls total and I didn't want too much waste), but I was determined to have a 2 tiered cake... so it looked a bit funny. I also made some cake balls and cake pops and for the first time tried to make decorated sugar cookies.

These were my favorite... I was pleased with the result for being a first time and also, I made them 2 weeks in advance so that helped a lot, and can you believe they still tasted soooo good?? I had blue and yellow M&Ms, coconut Hershey kisses (which come in blue wrappers) and some yellow jelly beans and gummy bears. They were in such sugar rush!!! (shame on me...:-))

My power went off at 3 p.m and the girls were to arrive at 5. It crossed my mind to cancel, but we still went on with the plan since Isa was so excited. Thank goodness it's summer so we have longer days... the girls were able to stuff their little dogs, but the plan to serve my girl's favorite dinner (dumplings), had to be changed, so we ordered pizza.

They were going to watch the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but that had to wait until the next day when we had power back on. As a plan B, the girls played in the pool till almost 8 p.m. and roasted marshmallows in the fire pit. At 5:30 a.m., they were up and I was making breakfast for 5 hungry little girls at 6!! They watched the movie while breakfast was being made and had playtime and more pooltime until they were picked up close to noon. It was fun and I'm sure my girl will never forget it... Thanks for the ideas again, and for letting me steal them :-)

Love it, love it, love it! Thank you Adriana for letting me share such a fun and wonderful party, and showing us that even crazy party curve balls can be dealt with! That's my kind of planner, you always should have a backup plan for inclement weather, or heaven forbid, power failure.

If you have had some of my crazy rub off on you, send me an email with pix or links so I can send you a button and share with the world.

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