Real Party/Fiesta Friday (On A Sunday) - Super Striker Soccer Party

Well, since I'm already off schedule and today's is the boy's birthday, I figured I would get back into the swing of things by sharing the pix from his soccer party last weekend. It was perfect, since the World Cup was kicking off and all of his friends were really excited to show off their skills.

We decided with our unpredictable Seattle weather to have the party in an indoor soccer field...remember the invite and thank you card? Go figure, the day was absolutely gorgeous!

With an hour of play and 45 minutes in the party room, there wasn't a lot of time to do crazy decorating, so I focused on the tables.

soccer party table

soccer party cupcakesA special request from the birthday boy, Neapolitan cupcakes: chocolate cupcakes, strawberry and vanilla frosting with a gumball cherry.
soccer party table 2soccer party drinksPersonalized water labels and silly straws for the drink 'station'...
soccer party snacksMore birthday boy favorites; mint Oreos and Crunch & Munch, Chex Mix and green M&Ms in paper cones from In Good Company via Kara's Party Ideas. I snapped these pictures just in time...a whirlwind of sweaty hungry kids descended upon party buffet
Our friends signed our World Cup replica ball....
soccer party table 3Silver and gold soccer balls that I scored on at the Dollar Store (4 for a $1!!!) did double duty as place settings and a take-home favor. Can I say enough how much I love the Dollar Store? The gold trophy vases started off as ugly green plastic planters that I spray painted. Why yes, eagle eyes, the vase filler is dried split peas with Whirly Pops, color coordinated, of party birthday boyThe birthday boy in a shiny new outfit. Can you believe they wanted $49.99 for a child's World Cup jersey? I couldn't do it...of course I would have to get the matching shorts for $39.99. $90 people for an outfit he will be out of before the new soccer season even starts. I don't own $40 shorts.

I love my kids, but really? Shame on you sports, the U.S. shirts were not even cool, just white. Couldn't it have been red and screamed U.S.A. across the front like a lot of countries? Then, maybe, I would have given it a second (although not happening) thought.

A fabulous day of fun had by all...and my sweetie is 9! Where does the time go?

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