Inspiration to Creation

Have you ever wondered how your favorite event planners put together such perfect parties, down to the monogrammed cloth napkins? How does an artisan 'see' their idea and execute it flawlessly? The key to any successful event is plan, plan, plan!

I own several ginormous binders filled with pages ripped from my favorite magazines. There is always something I can use and tweek it for a future event. I have a party clipboard where I'm always jotting down notes when I see something that may work. I'm always bookmarking sites for future reference, and most importantly, I'm always doodling what I see in my head for a layout, they don't always work out in reality once they pop out.

Everyone needs a jumpstart, and with all my ideas pinging around in my head, I love to share them on my blog. For those of you who need to take it to the next level, there are many fabulous party ladies are in the business of inspiring you with your own custom inspiration board, from Celebrations At Home to Birthday Girl to WH Hostess.

This is why I so heart Lolliblog's regular feature Inspiration To Creation, a creative peek into the minds of fashion designers, event planners, jewelry designers and more! Beautiful inspiration boards, the artist's own sketches and words, and the final product all laid out to pretty perfection. Plus, I feel a little closer to greatness, knowing we share the same thought process...although I'm a Commodore and they are iPads. Here is just a tiny sample...

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