Tuesday Tip (On A Saturday) - Fab Party Giveaways

I know you all are about some freebies, after all, nothing else seems to be. Here are a few great ones to get you into party mode, stat!

You know I love me some Beau-Coup, if there is a party need you have, they can fill it. I've blogged about them enough, you would think they would have sent me some goodies by now. Over at Aubut Family, she is having a $50 giveaway to the BC. I need these mini candy-dispensers. I'm over the mini gumball machines now, because I'm seeing them everywhere.

Who doesn't need more chocolate? Couponer 101's prize pack consists of a $25 Sams Club Gift Card, 2 Betty Crocker frostings, 1 set of frosting decorator tools and a nice container to transport your finished product! Plus, when you buy your Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies at Sam’s Club, each package has 6 Bonus Box Tops, so you can help the kiddies but sadly, not your thighs.

Nothing says summer like ice-cream, and Grin And Bake It wants you to roll up your sleeves and make your own with a brand new Cuisinart ice-cream maker. This would be perfect for our annual 'I Scream You Scream' party.

Over at Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House, there is a Wilton giveaway of epic proportions; the complete $180 line of UltraGold Bakeware can be yours....if the price is right. Which you already know. Which I guess doesn't work for this. Bad joke, back away slowly.

OK, how about some sweets that you won't regret? With one of my sister-in-law's having her first baby this fall, I am back on the baby circuit. Some of you probably are, with family and co-worker showers. Did you know about the Baby Bunch? They present their products like bouquets and treats! How in love am I with that? The Suburban Jungle is hosting a giveaway for a four pack of their organic onesies. They are rolled up like cupcakes and packaged in a baker's box. I know, right?

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