Tuesday Tip - Teacher Thank You Gifts

I realize most of you are already out of school, we aren't finished until Thursday, but I thought I would share some of the projects I've been working on...

Our teachers and staff work so hard and I love sending them goodies. Saw this super-cute idea over at eighteen25 for our classroom teachers, and couldn't wait to make them up. Gosh, those gals are chock-full of good ideas!

teacher appreciation cupcakes 2These cupcakes are for our specialty teachers (librarian, P.E., etc.), complete with their initials. I figured a real cherry would be runny, so I used gumballs instead.

teacher appreciation cupcakes
More goodies for the hard-working ladies in our front office...thanks to Dimple Prints for her amazing downloads for the toppers and the card. I also used the cards for our teachers...what a load off! And how hooked am I on bakery boxes? I'm proud to say everyone thought they were store-bought because of the packaging and of course, the tasty lemon cupcakes that couldn't be from a cake mix.

The little one's birthday is the Fourth Of July, so we shared mini cupcakes and I made up these little containers filled with homemade playdough for his classmates. See the soccer ball? It's for the boy's soccer party, it's a World Cup match ball replica, and all of our friends will sign it as a 'guestbook'.

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