We Go Wednesday - Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee outsideSoo...how is it possible that I have lived here almost 6 years and just now hearing about Archie McPhee? It's like, down the street from Trophy Cupcakes, and you know I've been there like a thousand times! Sorry about the picture quality, they are from my phone.

I'm also adding them to my 'Must Drag You To Every Thing Famous In Seattle' tour when visitors come in.
The most random, weirdest party stuff like 'Tie Of The Month Club' and Bacon Band-Aids...check.Ugh. Bin of giant cockroaches, check.Papier-mâché devil's head, check. Giant toads and other critters, check.

I feel there will be a part two post when I bring the boys here this summer. They will flip out! Even more hilarious, their blog.

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