MIA A.K.A When Are You Coming Back?

Sorry dear readers that I've been MIA...I've gotten a few emails about that. I've been out of town at my in-laws for the 4th for awhile and one of my sister-in-laws came back home with me for a visit, so I've been on tour-guide duty. The boys are at grandma's for the next few weeks, so I've been living the life of mommy off-duty and being extremely lazy and enjoying it. But (hint, hint) I've been keeping up on Twitter and peeking in on my favorite blogs every now and again, so I'm not completely gone.

I've lots of stuff to share...giveaways, product reviews, more shameless promotion and party pictures once I get up and running again. But right now, with our Seattle heat in the 90's and lots of sun, the last place I want to be in my un-air-conditioned house at the computer.