Real Cupcake Sneak Peek - Buggin' Out

I heart cupcakes. Every party we have has cupcakes. I detest children fighting over who has the bigger piece, who gets the pretty piece, and the parent who can hold a knife in their hand while children bicker over them must have the patience of Mother Teresa.

A wonderful friend of mine has graciously agreed to sell a few tasty treats in her used-bookstore. I know, coffee, books and cupcakes, it's a match made in heaven. Here is what I made up for last week, jumbo cherry chip cupcakes with fancy frosting....

cherry chip cupcakes
My plan is to alternate different treats each week; jumbos, regular sized ones, some type of brownie concoction and something else...don't know what yet.

Up for this week, thanks to the Gospels According To Hello, Cupcake! and What's New, Cupcake? I'm combining two of their bug cupcake ideas, and here is a sneak peek...

buggin out cupcake toppers

The bug template is from Hello, Cupcake!, some fire ants, a few beetles and a centipede or two will become fun cupcake toppers. They are just a combo of different sized M&Ms and chocolate candy melts.
I can't find candy covered sunflower seeds locally to make some of the other cooler critters like the scorpion, but that's ok. My party OCD will kick in and I will figure out an alternative. I'm going for a 'Bugs At A Picnic' feel. Part 2 will come from What's New, Cupcake?

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