Real Party/Fiesta Friday - Ka-chow! Cars Party

cars party bannerI am insane, to have thrown 2 parties, 2 weekends in a row. Since their birthdays are a week apart, with the little one's on Fourth Of July, I bumped everything back by a week. This past weekend, I figured the little one's party being at home would be easier...yeah right. His current, both toy and movie.
The decor...inside, plastic plates spray painted silver to resemble rims....and lots of racing flags.
cars party decorOutside where the party tables were set up, more party flags, lanterns, and fuzzy dice. They were a bit time consuming wrapping all the foam squares but totally worth it!In each corner, the infamous trophies from our soccer party atop free boxes from an auto supply store.
cars party tableThe party table...nope, can't get away from the tissue poms, super cheap and easy to make, and you can disassemble them flat and store away. Yes, these are coming back out in the near future. Missing are the chicken nuggets for the polka-dot plate, once those were out, the kids descended, I think they were a little hungry.

The munchies...cheesy wheelies on an unfinished wood sign I painted party cheesy wheelies cars party donut tiresLuigi's House of Tires AKA chocolate party apple cars The apple car racers were my favorite...
cars party apple cars...and I had to show what they were on...another sign I painted party dipsticks...carrot and celery party drink bottlesSo the only dad there pointed out that radiator fluid isn't blue...duh! I totally meant to say antifreeze. Hello pretty paper straws...I couldn't wait to use them.Chocolate cupcakes with lemon frosting...mmmm...and served with what else, Rocky Road ice-cream. Special shout-out to Parties By Hardie, I won her printable pack and part of all the fabulous personalized downloads were these tags I used for cupcake toppers as well as the water bottle labels.A quiet moment while eating.

Besides watching Disney's Cars and playing with the hundreds of toy cars he has...and going on an car-egg hunt, I kept little fingers busy with painting racecars...they were so intense!cars party paintingMaking license plates......and getting tattoos at Ramone's House Of Body party candy barA little candy buffet table, fill 'er up! Mini gable boxes, courtesy of Beau-coup.
A great day by everyone and look at that face, it's priceless! Happy birthday sweet pea, I can't believe you are almost 6!

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