Real Party/Fiesta Friday (On A Saturday) - Fairylandia

Now, you know I have boys, and of course bitter at how girl stuff rules the world. I can put that aside to share this absolutely amazing fairy party sent to me from Jennie at Tuffet for her daughter's 4th birthday.

She has so much to share, it takes several posts to contain it all...a fairy bower and a grotto, pretty food details down to the butterfly cutouts on the straws, fairy costumes, making pixie dust, whew!
fairy partyfairy party 2
fairy party dollsA full tutorial on the super cute flower fairies! Run out and make some, it's a great rainy-day activity.
fairy party favor bag
fairy party playdough favorHer lovely favors include her own homemade playdough. You know I love me some homemade playdough, really love me some playdough, really really love me some playdough. Ack, how did I make this about me?

Thank you Jennie for sharing with us your party, love it all! Go check out her posts, I barely covered all the details.

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