We Go Wednesday - Chic Chick Carnival

For my regular readers, today I usually share some fun place we've been to/wish we could go to. But today is about you checking out some new sites!

I'm participating in Chic Chick Carnival; it's not just any linky party but a way to share someone I've found through my new Visit My Peeps widget in my left column.

So for those of you here from CCC, welcome to Not Just A Mommy! Why this title? Because I have party planning on the brain and although I have a 6 and 9 year old, and seem to be constantly driving them to soccer, basketball, playdates and all up in school committees and activities, I'm not just a mommy. I love to blog about all things entertaining, crafts, a little bit of ranting and raving on random stuff.

I'm also supposed to link up my favorite post...hmmm...so many....but I'll have to go with American Girl, An American Insanity, because parents going overboard for their kids never goes out of style.

Alright, so onto my Peep discovery, Mommy To Two Boys. Her title caught my eye because, wait for it...she's a mommy to two boys just like me. She's also working awesomely hard for her autistic son with autism awareness through her blog. Of course she is also working awesomely hard as a mom to two toddler boys. I admire that she's keeping her head above water the best way she knows how just by being a great mom!

Looking for more Chic Peeps? Check out them!

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